29 April 2013

7:35 PM

Seeing all those birthday wishes and I miss yous on Facebook led me to think about whether some people do mean it. It's almost like saying I love you to a person you've barely known for a week. My mother, of course, bluntly said that they were all fakes, but I wish there'd be that little sliver in those people that leads them to care just a bit. A friend gave me a birthday gift of cookies and chocolate in one of the most adorable boxes I've seen. She always has these charming little things; it matches her sweet personality.

I learned a few hours ago that the CIF game is not a home one and is instead in Compton. I'm trying to get all my papers, outlines, and such done today so I can go tomorrow to watch MOO.

I'm also contemplating moving to Weebly, but I don't like bothering with pre-generated themes and drag and drop things and stuff. I was going around searching for subdomain hosting on here, here, here, and here. I emailed the owner on the last site listed, and she was very nice in answering my questions on subdomain clarifications. However, I did change my mind since I figured I wasn't experienced enough to manage a website with PHP, mySQL, and all things associated with that, so maybe I'll look around again when I know more about the web and its languages since I'm really limited to HTML and CSS. Even then, I don't feel entirely sure of myself in those two either since I haven't learned all there is to know.

27 April 2013

11:02 PM

It's my birthday today although it doesn't seem to feel like it. Time seems to pass by so quickly once you reach the endpoints of every period in your life.

26 April 2013

8:36 PM

I'm thinking of adding graphics or something somewhere just so I can have something to do when I'm bored of homework and done with the current book. Maybe... Maybeeee. I have all these plans for the summer for teaching myself (-cough- free Internet college courses -cough-) microeconomics and physics, but I wonder if I'll actually go through with those. I also found out today that CIF isn't tomorrow and is actually on Tuesday. FALSE INFORMATION MAKES ME SAD. Hopefully I'll have barely any work on that day so I can hop on the bus with MOO and the rest of varsity. I don't want to study for AP exams although I really should. :(

There is no juice in the fridge, and no one will let me go out and buy it. I'm craving the OJ while I do my gaggle assignment. I really want...something...fruit... I'm also debating whether to keep this at justified or to change it to left. Any thoughts? Well... the whole layout is starting to not be appealing to me, so I might just change everything anyway. O.o Although...I won't be active much during the week because of homework and stuff, so I doooon't know. Gahhhhhplahrghblargh.

25 April 2013

8:28 PM

First day officially open! :) Well, it doesn't really matter since this is a blargh/blog/rantplace/randomstory/diaryoutlet thing, but it's nice to mark a new beginning. I'll probably change the layout later on, but for now the lack of an image is somewhat motivating me to be productive. I sometimes feel like a genius when I get tasks done even though being a genius has nothing to do with it. The background code baffled me, so I ended up using a horizontal rule that looks horrid with IE (So please move to Chrome or Firefox if you're crying in front of IE). -fails at code- The distance from the top of the page also bothers me, but I'll deal with that until I can't. :D

I've been popping about on subdomain hosting and other things since I kinda wanted the option of comments, but I opted for a Cbox out of laziness/lack of skill/examples/actual time. Maybe one day I'll get kicked off Webs and be forced to experiment elsewhere.

I'm also thinking of going to CIF this Saturday, so I can support MOO in his singles matches! It's my birthday, too, so of course I'm super excited for the weekend. Hopefully I'll actually go through with finishing my homework all on Friday...maybe even get some studying done for calculus II after art history and calculus I review. o_o

Miao, L.

internet alias extraordinaire

  • Identification: L. Miao
  • Type: awkward high school junior
  • Location: Southern California
  • Activities: badminton, swimming, reading, listening, volunteering

  • boring facts

  • I'm full Thai by blood/heritage, but I can only understand the language due to lack of practice at home. -fails at Asian-
  • I can understand most Spanish, but I'm slow with putting words together. Writing is alright though. :D
  • The only language I'm fluent in is English: YEAHH ENGLISH. -fails at being a polyglot-
  • I like to get up at 7:42 AM on weekends.
  • L. Miao is short for Lizamiao, a name I made up as a joke in badminton because most of the team agree that my face looks like a cat's. I really don't see the difference :3 :3 :3 :3
  • I average 2-3 hours of sleep on weekdays because of my perfection obsession with my work.
  • If you're awkward with me, I'm awkward with you. I'm usually like a mirror; it's sad really.
  • MOO and I are the pair where the nerd likes the popular kid, and everything is a happy ending.
  • THURSDAY IS MY FAVORITE DAY. It deserves the capitals, none of that italic stuff for THURSDAY.
  • I also like Monday, Saturday, and Wednesday in that order after THURSDAYTHURSDAYTHURSDAY.
  • The dates are all backwards because it's become a habit from my Spanish class.
  • I need to get my hair chopped off.
  • I don't know why I included that.
  • I guess this will eventually be added to. I think I use "eventually" often in my sentences here. That doesn't sound positive. o_o
  • I often feel that I'm annoying, but of course, no, you just adore people who overuse capital letters, commas, and bullet points, right?


data, statistics, and thankyouverymuch's

For years of lurking about hosting, resource, and blogs, I've had thoughts of making my own little place on the internet, so now I have (-ahem- finally). Maybe one day I'll get a wonderful subdomain when I meet the requirements to apply for any. Of course, that'll be a while. ~.~
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  • 99mockingbirds for the texture behind the text you're reading now
  • Sova v síti for the background CSS idea solution that you can stare at (bottom)
  • Petal Tea for the emoticons in the Cbox that you want to go type in right now

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